Insects that feed or tunnel into wood can seriously damage houses, apartments and other dwellings or structures. Every year, termites damage approximately two million homes. Depending on the extent or location of the infestation, fumigation is the only total control method proven to eliminate certain infestations of wood destroying insects.

Vikane gas is used when fumigating, so the structure being fumigated will be completely sealed with a tarp prior to fumigation. This will contain the Vikane gas in the building so it can fully penetrate the wood, and eliminate termites.

After the tarp is removed, a  licensed professional fumigator will open doors and windows to air out the structure. After the structure has been thoroughly aerated, the fumigator will measure the level of gas remaining in the structure to ensure it’s safe for re-entry. Your building will not be cleared for re-occupancy until it is safe to re-enter. The fumigator will post a notice on your building indicating the day and time for re-entry. Because Vikane is a true gas and not a vapor, dissipation is rapid. Studies demonstrate that in most structures levels are less than 1 part per million within 6 hours of clearing and have no detectable levels of Vikane within 24 hours after the start of aeration.

After the fumigation, Southern California Gas Company will need to restore your gas service. Please contact them in advance to setup an appointment to turn your gas back on. Their number is 800-427-2200.

If you have any questions regarding fumigation, please feel free to give us a call! 805-480-3648